Get up to $250 back from FKEC when you get your home windows tinted!
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See how affordable protecting your business, home, auto, or marine investment can be.

Be Energy Efficient & Save

Glass tinting for your home or office is one of the best ways to reduce energy expenses. Window films block a significant amount of the heat from incoming solar rays and help reduce the use of air conditioning. Better for the environment and your budget. Get a residential rebate from Florida Keys Electric Cooperative while they last!

Protect Your Assets

The damaging UV rays of the Florida Keys sun can wreak havoc on many materials. From hardwood floors and finishes, to car interiors, to plastics on your boat. Window tinting is a cost-effective, affordable way to maintain the quality and extend the life of your assets. Labor, installation, & products are 100% guaranteed!

It’s Hot! Stay Cool

There's a reason most Floridians don't drive convertibles. It's simply too darn sunny all the time. With window films for your boat, car, home, or office, you can keep the view while keeping out the heat. Besides, what's cooler than staying sun safe? See why the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends glass tinting.
Llumar tint window film
Sun Control UV Window Film Recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation